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Searching for a home in France can be quite daunting. Partly because there are so many properties for sale. Often offered by different estate agents and property brokers with different facts, prices, etc. But also, the omission of information can be overwhelming!

The properties that we have for sale are only with us and no other estate agents.

Before viewing you will be provided with access to all information and documents on the property that has aroused your interest on our website. Thus, avoiding frustration and disappointment which
can often be time consuming.

In addition, the drafting of a purchase agreement can be started immediately. In fact, as soon as you have found the property you wish to purchase. Thus, enabling you and your family to quickly move in and establish yourself in your new home.

In the initial dialogue with you, your requests, requirements and needs will be clarified. Of course, not that we are being over-curious, but that we would like to establish an overall picture of your requirements, thus enabling us to offer you the best advice. 
We have an in-depth and wide knowledge of all the properties listed. Therefore, we can present and show the properties tailor made to you. Thus, you avoid wasting time.

You will be notified if we cannot match your requirements for a property. Following up, you will be contacted when a property does become available.

Once a purchase agreement is finalized, we will of course assist you in establishing relevant subscriptions, insurance, bank account, tax, owner’s association, telephone, internet and more.

What are your requirements for your future home in France?